Benton, AR

January 23, 2022

We need your help! The Benton School District’s Counseling Departments are holding a Silent Auction. All proceeds are donated to Angie Grant, Caldwell, Howard Perrin, Ringgold, BMS, BJH, and BHS Counseling Departments for student services programs. We are counting on the Silent Auction to support our programs. 
Between January 24-28, 2022, the Benton School District’s Counseling Departments will hold an online Silent Auction. 

If you, your business, or your organization would like to make a monetary donation or a donation to the Silent Auction, please contact any of the counselors in the district. We can provide a receipt for your donation.

About Benton School District Counseling Departments

The Benton Schools Counseling Departments work to provide students in the Benton school district with what they need to be successful in school. Students are unable to learn successfully if their basic needs are not met. We work hard to make sure our students are socially and emotionally healthy. All of the money we raise goes back to our student services accounts so our student can benefit and their basic needs are met.