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Transportation FAQs

Can my child ride the bus home with a friend? 

Students are required to ride their regular bus, but we understand that emergency situations arise. If an alternate bus route is required in an emergency, please contact your school or the Transportation Department for assistance. 

Why can’t you come down my road with the bus? 

Buses require certain road specifications to be able to navigate the road in a safe manner. Some roads may not have enough students to warrant a stop other than at the end of the road, which allows all students to get to their school safely and on time. 

Why can’t you pick my kid up at our house? / Why can’t you just add a stop? 

While picking up each student at their home would be an ideal situation for everyone, it is not feasible given the number of students in our district. The Transportation Department works diligently to assign the best possible stop locations while providing for the safety of students and drivers while maximizing resources. 

Will you shuttle my kids to me? 

Given the number of students in our district, shuttles are an important aspect of our transportation system. Shuttles between schools are created when they are feasible based on the number of students requiring transport. Unfortunately, we cannot establish shuttles to drop off at private businesses. 

Will you let my kid get off at a different stop? 

To ensure the safety of students, they will only be let off at their assigned stop. If the transportation needs of your child change, please contact the Transportation Department. 

Can my child get on a Bus at a campus other than their own? 

No, once a student leaves a campus, they are not allowed to return or get on a bus at a different campus. 

Can students lose bus privileges? 

Students are expected to maintain appropriate behavior while on the school bus. Riding the bus is a privilege, not a right. A student can have their riding privileges suspended or revoked if it is determined that a student is a distraction to the driver, a danger to others, or exhibits behavior deemed inappropriate for the audience (including language and gestures). 

Why was the bus late, and why wasn't I called? 

Pick up and drop off times will not vary to any great extent on a normal basis. Some of the situation that could cause lateness includes traffic, road closures, weather, and illness of driver, vehicle breakdowns or a late prior route. At times, in the afternoon, buses may have to return to the school to handle a behavior management situation. This may also cause a bus to be late. Since we so many buses that serve many students daily, it is virtually impossible to contact parents. We do, however, make every effort to contact the school that the bus services. Who is responsible for discipline on the bus? The driver is responsible for safety and discipline on the bus. Misconduct and safety violations are reported to the Transportation Director, who assumes the responsibility for taking proper action. Bus students are subject to audio and video monitoring. These videotapes will be reviewed by the Transportation Supervisor, and if necessary, given to the appropriate principal for disciplinary action. Students who do not conduct themselves properly and safely may lose the privilege of riding the bus. The district has the right to deny transportation to those students whose behavior jeopardizes the safety of the students and driver.