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7.01 Fiscal Year

7.02 Annual Operating Budget

7.03 Millage Rate

7.04 Grants and Special Funding

7.05F Food Service Commodities Bidder Affidavit

7.06 Activity Account

7.07 Cash in Classrooms

7.08 Personal Property

7.09 Property Insurance

7.10 Use of Buildings and Grounds/Facilities

7.10FA Contract for Use of the BHS Auditorium

7.10FB Facilities Rental Agreement

7.11 Use of School Funds for Political Purposes

7.12 Expense Reimbursement

7.12F Travel Expense Reimbursement Form

7.13 Management and Disposal of District Property

7.15 Record Retention and Destruction

7.16 Information Technology Security

7.19 Service Animals in District Facilities

7.20 Electronic Fund Transfers

7.21 Naming School Facilities

7.23 Health Care Coverage and the Affordable Care Act

7.24 Advertising on School Buses

7.24b Advertising

7.5 Purchases and Procurement

7.70 Faculty Serving As Substitute Teachers

7.70F Faculty Serving As Substitute Teachers Form

7.71 Mobile Communications Device

7.72 Safety Policy