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4.01 Residence Requirements

4.02 Entrance Requirements

4.03 Compulsory Attendance Requirements

4.04 Student Transfers

4.05 School Choice

4.05F School Choice Capacity Resolution

4.06 Home Schooling

4.07 Absences

4.08 Make-Up Work

4.09 Tardies

4.10 Closed Campus

4.11 Equal Educational Opportunity

4.12 Student Organizations/Equal Access

4.13 Privacy of Students Records Directory Information

4.14 Student Publications and the Distribution of Literature

4.15 Contact with Students While at School

4.16 Student Visitors

4.17 Student Discipline

4.18 Prohibited Conduct

4.19 Conduct To and From School and Transportation Eligibility

4.20 Disruption of School

4.21 Student Assault or Battery, Abuse, Threats, or Threatening Behavior

4.22 Weapons and Dangerous Instruments

4.22F Parental Acknowledgment Form

4.23 Tobacco and Tobacco Products

4.24 Drugs and Alcohol

4.25 Student Dress and Grooming

4.26 Gangs and Gang Activity

4.27 Student Sexual Harassment

4.28 Laser Pointers

4.29 Internet Safety & Electronic Device Use Policy

4.29F Student Electronic Device & Internet Use Agreement

4.30 Suspension From School

4.31 Expulsion

4.32 Search, Seizure, and Interrogations

4.33 Students' Vehicles

4.34 Communicable Diseases and Parasites

4.35 Student Medications

4.35F Medication Administration & Release Form (MARF Form)

4.35F3 Glucagon Administration and Carry Consent Form

4.35F4 Emergency Epinephrine

4.36 Student Illness/Accident

4.37 Emergency Drills

4.38 Permanent Records

4.39 Corporal Punishment

4.40 Homeless Students

4.41 Physical Examinations or Screenings

4.41F Objection to Physical Examinations or Screenings

4.42 Student Handbook

4.43 Bullying

4.45 Smart Core Curriculum and Graduation Requirements for the Class 20204.45.1 Smart Core Curriculum and Graduation Requirements for the Classes of 2021 and Thereafter

4.46 Pledge of Allegiance

4.47 Possession and Use of Cell Phones and Other Electronic Devices

4.48 Video Surveillance and Other Student Monitoring

4.49 Special Education

4.50 School Meal Modifications

4.52 Students Who Are Foster Children

4.53 Placement of Multiple Birth Siblings

4.55 Student Promotion and Retention

4.56 Extracurricular Activities - Secondary Schools

4.56.1 Extracurricular Activities - Elementary

4.56.2 Extracurricular Activity Eligibility for Home-Schooled Students

4.56.2F Home Schooled Student's Letter of Intent to Participate in an Extracurricular Activity at Resident District

4.56.2F2 Home Schooled Student's Letter of Intent to Participate in an Extracurricular Activity at Non-Resident District

4.57 Immunizations

4.58 Food Sharing and Its Removal from Food Service Area

4.59 Academic Course Attendance by Private School and Home School Students

4.70 School Uniform Policy

4.71 Requirements for Participation in Athletic/ Spirit Groups

4.72 Transportation

4.73 VCR Monitoring of School Buses

4.75 Vandalism

4.76 Theft

4.77 False Alarms