Whole Group Enrichment

All kindergarten and first grade students receive lessons in critical and creative thinking skills through whole class enrichment in the regular classroom.

GT Elementary Level

Identified elementary students meet with a certified gifted facilitator for 150 minutes a week. Students are provided opportunities for critical and creative skills development through interdisciplinary units of study. Students are also taught research and presentation skills through group and independent studies. Interdisciplinary units are designed to engage students in areas of particular interest and encourage students to develop and explore areas that they might not otherwise have a chance to pursue in school. The content provided during these gifted classes is intended to be in place of and not in addition to the curriculum taught in the regular classroom at the same time.

GT Seminars

Gifted and Talented Seminars are elective classes for identified GT students available in fifth and sixth grades. They are designed to offer advanced instruction and enrichment in various topics as well as direct instruction in skills related to higher-level creative and critical thinking. The units of study are designed to enhance the development and application of critical and creative thinking, research, communication, and personal awareness

Advanced Classes at the Secondary Level

Honors/Advanced Classes

Honors and Advanced classes are designed for those students who need the additional challenge and rigor these courses can provide. The activities in these courses are designed to encourage critical and creative thinking at a higher level than regular courses. Identified gifted students are expected to take a minimum of one Honors or Advanced course each year. These courses are offered from seventh through twelfth grade in core content areas.

Accelerated Courses

The accelerated course track is provided in science and math beginning in the seventh grade. Children that move into this track will get three years of science and math curriculum compacted into two years of instruction. The purpose of accelerated courses is to not only challenge the student but to provide the opportunity to take more science and math courses at the high school level.

Pre-AP Courses

These courses are offered at the junior high and high school levels. These courses are for those students who desire the additional challenge and rigor these courses can provide. They provide students with a foundation in the types of skills and activities that will be required in the Advanced Placement courses. These courses are offered in english, science, math, and social studies. Identified gifted students are encouraged to take at least one Pre-AP course in any content area.

Advanced Placement (AP) and Concurrent Credit Courses

Advanced Placement Classes and Concurrent Credit classes provide motivated and interested high school students with the opportunity to take college-level courses in a high school setting with the possibility of earning college credit. Identified gifted students should and are encouraged to enroll in at least one Pre-AP or AP class each year in an area of their strength and/or choice. Concurrent credit courses allow students to earn college credit while still in high school. Both concurrent credit and Advanced Placement programs offer courses taught by dedicated and trained high school teachers who follow course content guidelines developed and published by the College Board (AP) or approved by the partnering college. Any interested and able student who requests these Advanced Placement classes may participate, however, there are specific requirements for concurrent credit courses as these are dual enrollment in high school and college. Please see the high school counselor for more information. We currently offer Advanced Placement in English Language, English Literature, Spanish Language, Music Theory, Statistics, Calculus AB, Biology, Psychology, Chemistry, U.S. Government, World History, U.S. History, Physics, and Computer Science.

*updated 2/2021