The Education Unleashed Parent Support Program was designed to empower parents of virtual learners by providing training sessions on essential topics and skills.

The goal is to provide an inclusive environment that will allow parents to discover and grow skills that can help their children with distance learning. Training sessions through the Education Unleashed Parent Support Program will help parents gain confidence and acquire new skills. These sessions are now open for registration with topics that include: 

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• Google Applications 

     - Google Chrome Basics 

     - File Sharing and Organization in Google Drive 

     - Helpful Google Chrome Extensions 

• Virtual Platform Basics 

     - Schoology 

     - Google Classroom 

     - Zoom 

     - Canvas 

• Computer Fundamentals 

     - Internet Safety 

     - Optimizing Your Broadband 

     - Purchasing a PC 

     - Troubleshooting and Repairs 

     - Networking 

• Internet Research 

     - Locating Viable Resources 

     - Google Search Tips