G I F T E D    A N D     T A L E N T E D      P R O G R A M    I D E N T I F I C A T I O N 

A comprehensive identification plan for the Benton School District is based on the research and recommendations of experts in the field and guidelines established by the Arkansas Department of Education.

The purpose of identification is to find, in order to serve, those students who need special programs to fully develop their exceptional abilities so that they and society have access to their talents.

A case study approach to identifying is used in order to make a better match between student need and program options.  Screening is a continuous process.

Multiple criteria is used in identifying the gifted and talented.  The criteria used may include information furnished by teachers, parents, peers, individual students, administrators, support personnel, community persons and a systematic search through student cumulative records.  This criteria may consist of behavior rating scales, biographical inventories, past academic performance, creativity tests, achievement test scores in specific subject areas, and observations and products.

The district has a screening committee comprised of at least five members, made up of professional educators and chaired by a trained specialist in gifted education.  This committee meets as needed, screen recommended students after all data is compiled, and makes the final decision about who will be placed in the program.

Students are not reidentified each year; however, program placement decisions or staffing reviews are held for each child each year.

There are three stages to identification:

Stage I - Nomination

Students can be nominated to the screening committee by:  1.  Teachers(classroom and/or gifted specialist)  2. Counselors  3. Principals  4. Parents   5. Peers   6. Self

Stage II - Assessment

The goal of this stage is to assess gifted students' need for programming purposes.  Data is gathered on students for these objectives:   1. To select appropriate program options for students.   2. To facilitate individualizing the cognitive and affective components of the curriculum within program options.   3. To modify or develop options to better meet student needs.

Stage III - Placement Decision

At this stage the screening committee meets, assesses the data on the nominated student, and determines which programming options will best meet the needs of this student.

The result of the stage should be an effective match of student needs, interest and abilities, and a variety of program resources.


A student can be removed form the program by parent request or gifted specialist recommendation.  Parents requesting removal should contact the gifted and talented coordinator and a conference will be scheduled.  In the event the gifted specialist is recommending removal, the parents will be contacted an a conference arranged.  Removal from a specific program does not preclude other educational options to be prescribed by the gifted specialist.

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