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1.01 Legal Status of the Board of Directors

1.02 Board Organization

1.03 Duties of the President

1.04 Duties of the Vice-President

1.05 Duties of the Secretary

1.06 Board Member Voting

1.06.1 Attending Meetings Remotely

1.07 Powers and Duties of the Board

1.07A Standards for AR School Boards

1.07B Code of Ethics for School Board Members

1.08 Governance by Policy

1.09 Policy Formulation

1.10 Association Memberships

1.11 Board Member Training

1.12 Committee

1.13 Superintendent and Board Relationship

1.14 Meeting Agenda

1.14F Meeting Agenda Request Form

1.15 Tort Immunity

1.16 Duties of Board Disbursing Officer

1.17 Nepotism

1.18 District Audits

1.19 Board Member Length of Term and Holdovers

1.20 Duties of the Legislative Liaison

1.21 Date of Annual School Board Election

1.22 Recording of Board Meetings