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ACT 676

The Benton Public School District in accordance to Act 676 of Arkansas House Bill 1786 is posting to each school website and the district website:

  • The number of students failing to provide proof of immunizations.
  • The number of students that have obtained an exemption letter from the Department of Health
  • The percentage of students that have done the above.
  • Benton Public Schools exceed the numbers required for herd immunity

As seen in the table below approximately one percent of our students have exemptions. No students have failed to offer proof of immunizations or exemptions.

ANGIE GRANT 513 0 6 0.011
CALDWELL 519 0 12 0.023
RINGGOLD 576 0 3 0.005
HOWARD PERRIN 624 0 5 0.008
BENTON MIDDLE 1370 0 23 0.017
BENTON JUNIOR 825 0 7 0.008
BENTON HIGH 1226 0 15 0.012
TOTALS 5653 0 71 0.013

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