These BHS students auditioned and were selected to be a part of the ASBOA All Region Jazz Honor Band. Fifty percent (50%) of our newly formed jazz band was selected for this honor.

Caleb Lea
Dakota Leslie
Madelynne West
Baley Freeman
Jon David Person
Kobe Simpson
Austin Prichard
Kolton McAllister
Austin Flynn
Ethan Hill
Bishop Butler
Garrett Russell
Mason Rhodes

Director: Tricia Moffett

Congratulations to all!

The following BHS students auditioned and were selected to be a part of the ASBOA All-Region Honor Band.

Kristin Hardy - Flute
Caleb Carlon - Trumpet
Marisa Shelby – Flute
Kobe Simpson - Trumpet
Blakeley Fiedler – Oboe
Kaitlyn Campbell - French Horn
Delaney Leslie – Oboe
Adam Barrow - French Horn
Sophia Ingram – Oboe
Austin Flynn - French Horn
Brian Jacob Ball – Bassoon
Austin Lamb - Trombone
Allison Ball – Clarinet
William Espey - Trombone
Jessa Bryant – Clarinet
Austin Prichard - Euph
Ethan Hill - b Clarinet
Asia Skelton - Euph
Anakin Bumgardener - Contra Clarinet
  Cheyenne Chafton - Euph
Kimaray Callins - Contra Clarinet
Amelia Penn - Tuba
Kolton McAllister - Alto Sax
Jesse De La Cruz - Tuba
Katelyn Still - Alto Sax
Danielle Babock - Tuba
Angel Reed - b Clarinet
Bishop Butler - Percussion
Dakota Leslie - Tenor Sax
Mason Rhodes - Percussion
Madelynne West - Tenor Sax
Kate Weston - Percussion
Baley Freeman - Bari Sax
Julia Rose - Clarinet
Ethan Buggar - Bari Sax
JonDavid Person - Trumpet
Daniel Guardado - Trumpet
Director: Tricia Moffett


Thirty-five BJH students made all-region band during their competition at Bethel Middle School on December 2, 2017. The band is directed by Michael Hoover. Congratulations!

Concert Band   Jazz Band

Mi'Kala Wilson

Kaitlin Wylie

Barton Stapleton

Makenna Bailey

Karington Cuninkin

Katie Veazey

Allison Hall

Ashton Tumlison

Iyana Davis

Chloe Covert

Sophie Graham

Mallory Shelton

Perry Lewis

Tyler Lawrence

Marcelles Nash

Cody Thomas

Riley Brewer

Michael Terrazas

Harin Parajon

Wyatt Bussell

Mary Ashton

Eli Rose

Isaiah Hipskind

Graham Eisele

Landon Huff

Corban Floyd

Andrew Pierce

Oakley Rockwell

Gage Epperson

Shane Magness

Brennan Fiedler


Tyler Lawrence

Marcelles Nash

Perry Lewis

Cody Thomas

Michael Terrazas

Riley Brewer

AJ Steuber

Emma Schlitz

Wyatt Bussell

Riley Curry

Peyton Shipp

Mary Ashton





Mark Rash, Assistant Principal of Angie Grant Elementary School in the Benton School District, was recently named the 2018 Arkansas Association of Elementary School Principals (AAESP) Assistant Principal of the Year. Mike Mertens, AAEA Assistant Executive Director, presented Mr. Rash with the award at his school on December 11.

This award is given each year to an Arkansas elementary level assistant principal who has succeeded in providing high-quality learning opportunities for students and has been acknowledged by peers for exemplary contribution to the profession.

Mr. Rash has five (5) years of experience as an assistant principal and 17 years of experience as a principal. He spent seven (7) years teaching prior to going into administration. Mark is involved in several professional organizations and community activities.

Mr. Rash is dedicated to the education of Arkansas students and very deserving of this award as is evident in the following statement from Angie Grant Elementary School Principal, Lori Bacon: "Mark is a hard-working person who devotes himself fully to any task he undertakes. He has a high level of honesty and integrity and always follows the 'do right' rule in his personal conduct. He sets a good example for everyone he comes in contact with."

Each year the Office of Education Policy (OEP) at the University of Arkansas creates a report highlighting the highest-performing schools and those that have made great progress in Arkansas. Two Benton schools have received awards based on 2015-16 assessments. They are as follows:

  • Benton High School is the recipient of Central Region Science High Achieving Test Scores. The high school science teachers are Susan Allison, Mandy McDougal, Richard Hillman, Ronna McKinley, Clydena Neathery, Karen Shumaker, Suzanne Owen, Tracy Arflin, Mitch Meredith, and Sarah Graham.

  • Benton Middle School is the recipient of Statewide Math High Achieving and Regional Math and Science High Achieving. The science and math teachers at Benton Middle School are Amy Vrana, Jacqueline Daugherty, Ashlyn Meece, Rosa White, Susan Spivey, Anna Grace Davis, Seth Glidewell, Becky McCormick, Amanda Newman, Christina Smith, Melissa Pugh, and Christine Koch.

Congratulations to Benton School district for being recognized as a 20 Best School District in America by Niche.


Three Benton High School teachers recently applied for and received the Advanced Placement Materials and Equipment Grant. The grant is worth $1,000.00 each and is to be used for buying materials needed for their courses. The teachers are:

Susan Allison - AP Physics

Mandy McDougal - AP Environmental Science

Tracy Watson - AP Computer Science

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