Live Updates

The FBI issued a general awareness statement about information they received relating to a possible school shooting. There was a shooting threat for Kentucky on August 28th and for Arkansas on August 29th. The FBI could not confirm the source of the reporting party.

Benton Public Schools is not aware of any specific threat involving our school district. 

Benton administration will work closely with our SRO staff and other law enforcement agencies to monitor and take all threats seriously. As always, the safety and security of Benton students and faculty are priority.  --Dr. Mike Skelton, Superintendent

BJHS Jazz Band students auditioned for the All Region Jazz Band and 17 of 22 students who auditioned were selected for the band. The following students will represent BJH at the All Region Jazz clinic in this month. Michael Hoover is the band director.

Makenna Bailey
Marcelles Nash
Jorge Barillas
Abi Parnell
Ashton Blankenship
Emma Schlitz
Justin Bray
Peyton Shipp
Owen Bussell

Max Smoke
Zayne Diemer
AJ Steuber
Brandon Echols
Trevor Tucker
Zach Glover
Rory Warrick
Caden Lambert

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