Live Updates

The FBI issued a general awareness statement about information they received relating to a possible school shooting. There was a shooting threat for Kentucky on August 28th and for Arkansas on August 29th. The FBI could not confirm the source of the reporting party.

Benton Public Schools is not aware of any specific threat involving our school district. 

Benton administration will work closely with our SRO staff and other law enforcement agencies to monitor and take all threats seriously. As always, the safety and security of Benton students and faculty are priority.  --Dr. Mike Skelton, Superintendent

Choir students auditioned for Region 3 All Region Choir on Saturday, October 13th, at Lakeside in Hot Springs.  Forty BHS students were chosen to the choir and 23 of those are All State eligible.  Auditions for All State are February 1st. Congratulations to the All-Region students and Choir Director Angela White!

Deanna Ayres
Sam Bettis
Hailey Fitzgibbon
Matthew Braslavsky
Madisson Matheson
Anakin Bumgardner
Shanice Oliver
Branden Byrd
Allana Snellback
Sydnee Ehorn
Jozlyne Josephson
Joshua George
Veronica West
Raylen Hall
Mattie Barnett
Henry Hicks
Lauren Riece Martin
Alex Horn
Cloey Richmond
Micah Lunsford

Michael Allison
Griffin Revis
Josh Riley
Kourtney Brown
Abbi Sullins
Katharine Crowe
Caitlyn Wright
Kylie Cunningham
Adam Archer
Samuel Krallman

Shelby Fairbourn
Jillian Langley
Kelsey Fritzius
Trace Morin
Jesse Kneisler
Lindsey Kate Storey
Lawson Overbey
Jon Sadler
Peter Boss
Donovan Battie

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