Weightlifting Team-

The BHS weightlifting team competed in the state championship weight meet in Alma. The weightlifting team consisted of 10 lifters taken from the BHS football strength/conditioning program. This team, coached by Brad Harris, finished as the 6A/7A state champions.

John Dirst

Jackson Drewry

Aiden Birdsong

Gavin Wells

D’Anthony Harper

Zach Wallace

Brock Morris

Kyvin Carroll

Sean Thornton

Robert Langford

*Brock Morris won 1st place in his division and set a new state record in Power Clean and overall weight lifted in his division.

Big Press- 

Several members of the Benton Athletic program competed and placed in their divisions at the Annual Big Press Competition. 

BJH- (by weight class) 

Jackson Drewry- 1st Place, Pound for Pound

Beau Wright- 1st Place

Tyler Cochran- 1st Place

Karin Hernandez- 1st Place

Kyree Watkins- 1st Place 

BHS- (by weight class) 

Zak Wallace- 1st Place

Brock Morris- 2nd Place

Abby Penn - 2nd Place



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