October is National Principals Month, and we want to take this opportunity to recognize all of the Benton School District’s outstanding principals. It is through their hard work, dedication, and commitment that our students and staff are able to excel in many ways. With their leadership and high expectations, our schools have achieved very high levels of success both academically and through extracurricular activities. We are so appreciative to these administrators for the roles they play in helping our students, staff, and district to be among the best in the state.

Benton High School
    Principal - Curt Barger
Benton Junior High School
    Principal - Chad Pitts
Benton Middle School
    Principal - Steve Quinn    

Angie Grant Elementary School
    Principal - Lori Bacon    

Caldwell Elementary School
    Principal - Diane Lovell    

Howard Perrin Elementary School
    Principal - Stacye Shelnut
Ringgold Elementary School
    Principal - Beverly Mayfield

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