Live Updates

The FBI issued a general awareness statement about information they received relating to a possible school shooting. There was a shooting threat for Kentucky on August 28th and for Arkansas on August 29th. The FBI could not confirm the source of the reporting party.

Benton Public Schools is not aware of any specific threat involving our school district. 

Benton administration will work closely with our SRO staff and other law enforcement agencies to monitor and take all threats seriously. As always, the safety and security of Benton students and faculty are priority.  --Dr. Mike Skelton, Superintendent

The Benton School District participates in the Arkansas Teacher of the Year (TOY) program coordinated through the Arkansas Department of Education. Candidates who are are skillful and dedicated teachers are nominated by teachers in their respective buildings. A teacher from each campus was selected as the Building Teacher of the Year by a committee formed by the principal from each respective building. The winner from each building advanced to the District Teacher of the Year competition. CONGRATULATIONS to the 2019 Building Teachers of the Year!

Laura Kyzer Benton High School
Monica Zaremba Benton Junior High School
Jacqueline Daugherty Benton Middle School
Kathryn McCoy Ringgold Elementary
Sara Ward Perrin Elementary
Kara Conrad Caldwell Elementary
Erin Hohman Grant Elementary

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