Three semester hours of college credit taken by a student in grades 9-12 at a publicly supported community college, technical college or four year college or university shall be equivalent of one-half unit of high school credit.  Grades earned on courses taken for concurrent courses will not be included in a student’s high school GPA.  A student taking a concurrent credit class in conjunction with a Benton High School Advanced Placement class will be awarded the AP credit only.  The grade in the AP class will be weighted.  The concurrent credit will be awarded by the post-secondary institution; however, the grade awarded will not be weighted.  This type of concurrent credit will be recorded by the post secondary institution.  Students will be allowed to drop the concurrent the concurrent credit though the post-secondary institution; however, a student may not drop the Advanced Placement class.

Benton School District has a concurrent enrollment program with the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, College of the Ouachita's, and Adams State College.  The courses approved for 2017-2018 are:

  1. College Algebra - 3 hours
  2. AP English 11 - 6 hours – Composition I/II
  3. AP English 12 – 6 hours – World Literature I/II
  4. AP Biology – 8 hours – Biology L 1400/1401
  5. AP United States History – 6 hours – History 2311/2312
  6. AP Calculus – 4 hours – Math 1451
  7. AP World History – 6 hours – History 1311/1312
  8. AP Statistics - 4 hours - STAT 1141
  9. Computer Business Applications - 3 hours

The following ROTC courses are offered to our cadets at $60.00 per credit hour and are 1 SH unless otherwise noted.