The boys tennis team won the 6A west conference championship, coach by Melanie Kiker. Team members are:

Mason Hart- Doubles Conference Champion

Dawson Ramsey- Doubles Conference Champion

Micaiah Temple

Zac VanCleave        

Cameron Terrell

Max Joseph

Wes Guerra

Henry Bethel



The Benton Boys Cross Country team finished as the 6A State Runners-up. In addition, Jake Hanley, Brendan Redmond, Gracie Hyde, and Emma Selph were awarded all-state honors. The teams are coached by Matt Ginther.


Jake Henley- 8th place                            

Brendan Redmond- 9th place

Kyler O’brien- 12th place

Hunter Harrison

Zach Hardister

Seven Mcdorman

Jesse Bennett

Gage Epperson

Gavin Epperson

All-State Cross Country

Jake Hanley

Brendan Redmond

Gracie Hyde

Emma Selph


The following BJH students have been selected for All-Region Choir. Garry Kirk is their choir director.

 Kayleigh Allen
 Emily Ball
 Kylar Battle
 Eli Chennault
 Jackson Cobb
 Emma Crisco
 Christian Evans
 Tori Gardner
 Kinsey Garofalo
 Brin Griggs
 Luke Hall
 Carli Lankford
 Caitlin Little
 Hannah Cook
 Kylie Cunningham
 Annah Kayte Holcomb
 Kaitlyn Lackey
 Jillian Langley
 Cloey Richmond
 Emma Selph
 Lindsey Kate Storey
 Donovan Battle

 McKenzie Moore
 Megan Murray
 Isaiah Norwood
 Zaniyah Otey
 Lando Perez
 Ethan Perry
 Marissa Reed
 Gabe Richards
 Rylee Sisco
 Dagan Terry
 Melina West
 Deytron Wilson
 Kyrsta Fleeman
 Macy Handwork
 Taylor Hill
 Madison Lambert
 Raegan Swindle
 McKenzie Worsham
 Kourtney Brown
 Olivia Carson
 Emma Arellanes

 Jay Baker
 Mattie Barnett
 Sade Baxter
 Karsyn Buchanan
 Chloey Cawich
 Zach Cloud
 Lauren Ellis
 Jamie Gamble
 Zoe Grafe
 David Hassman
 Jackson Jessup
 Natalie Johnson
 Sam Krallman
 Ethan Mashburn
 Conner McNeil
 Tiara Moore
 Trace Morin
 Kendal Morrisey
 Karli Owens
 Kourtney Presepio


 Aria Carter
 Hannah Curry
 Ashley Dunn
 Abby Fritz
 Abby Hardister
 Macey Hogue
 Hailey McCallum
 Abby Grace Wilson
 Allie Bailey
 Kylie Carpenter
 Aislinn Christy
 Katharine Crowe
 Cally Easterling
 Kayla Howell
 Rhianna Lamb
 Daisy Medders
 Karis Rudell
 Caroline Southwell
 Ali Grace Villines
 Jacqueline Ginther


We are proud of all of the students who tried out for all-region.  They all worked hard and accomplished much. Choir director is Merideth McCoy.

The following are 7th grade All-Region Choir Students who were all ranked 1st through 10th place:

Jade Sparks - 1st chair Soprano 1 A

Micah Hall - 2nd chair Soprano 1 A

Kaylen Hughes - 7th chair Soprano 1 A

Lynley Archer - 9th chair Soprano 2 A

Elizabeth Armstrong - 1st chair Soprano 2 B

Emma Cobb - 7th chair Soprano 2 B

Madyson Bright - 9th chair Soprano 2 B

Abigail Fogleman - 10th chair Soprano 2 B
Henley Hooks - 1st chair Alto A (scored 2nd highest score out of everybody in the whole region in any voice part!)

Faith Dougherty - 8th chair Alto A

Spring Hicks - 10th chair Alto A

Blake Covert - 2nd chair Tenor 1

Elijah Harris - 3rd chair Tenor 1

Eli Cowden - 4th chair Tenor 1

Noah Koch - 5th chair Tenor 1

Lane VonDresky - 6th chair Tenor 1

These students made all-region as well:

Luke Tolbert

Josh Brumley

Jacob Campbell

Connor Smith

Connor Morgan

Daniel Lunsford

Tyzaiian Bufford

Lola Smith

Aryona Griffin

Mackenzie Wood

Bella Eastham

Aslan Ladd

Riley Huskey

Morgan Calaway

Theara Riley

Sarabeth Collyer

Camden Lewis

Brooklynn Bailey

Emily Richardson

Kenzie Garrett

Haleigh Mann

Lauren Bond


Central Office received a call from Tammy Tackett, wife of Lonsdale Fire Chief Eddie Tackett, praising the actions of one of our Bus Drivers. On Nov. 13th, a BJH student was involved in ATV accident. Bus Driver Carol Burrow, a 22 year employee, was the first on the scene. With the assistance of BJH student, Carson Totten, they were able to stop the bleeding and move the ATV from the road. They stayed with the student until First Responders arrived. The student was taken the Children’s Hospital where he received 40 stitches. We would like to present this Panther Pride Award to Carol and Carson for their actions.

Benton High School received a $12,500 grant from Entergy to assist in the implementation of its Jobs for Arkansas Graduates (JAG) program. Arch Ford Hub will also receive an additional $12,500 grant from the Department of Workforce Services-Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) funds to be used for students in our alternative learning environment. The funds can be used to purchase equipment, expanded technology, approved curriculum items, paid student internships, and planned field trips related to job and educational placement.


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