Alternate Bus Routes for Snow/Ice

In the event of inclement weather, you will be notified via phone message from our CONNECT system. (When you registered your child for school, you should have been set up in the CONNECT database.)

When you hear that buses are running their SNOW/ICE ROUTES that means that all OR specific buses will stay on main roads and not get off onto secondary roads. Parents are responsible for getting their children to the following safe pick up/drop off spots. (Click your bus number below for your pick up/drop off spot.)

Bus 5   Bus 33
Bus 9   Bus 35
Bus 12   Bus 36
Bus 14   Bus 37
Bus 16   Bus 38
Bus 22   Bus 39
Bus 25   Bus 40
Bus 28   Bus 41
Bus 31   Bus 42
Bus 32   Bus 45


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